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In our experience we've seen entrepreneurs need the support of a finance expert to create and grow their company. We've been witness to many decisions where finance input was key — whether to merge with a competitor, how and when to hire for future growth, how to fund customer acquisition, just to name a few.

We believe entrepreneurs shouldn't need a background in finance to have better odds of success, as 1 in 3 business failures are due to poor financial management. We want to change that.


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Tracey Bianchi
Co Founder

Tracey loves to help companies grow from corner shop to something with the right structure for growth. As CFO of YLD, she created internal reporting, introduced policies to support growth, led a merger with a competitor, made the annual budgets the place where every department’s plans meet reality, and each other, identified key risks long before they became apparent. Previously she held senior finance roles at the Royal Society.


Nuno Campos
Co Founder

Nuno has a background in finance and extensive experience as a software engineer. He's worked on Finance at YLD, as a software engineering consultant and started their Ventures arm. There he created the criteria and process for working with entrepreneurs, and played the triple role of tech / product / finance person on the first venture, Gula. Previously he was an early employee at a Fintech startup where he created key product features.

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